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Ange was disappointed when Spur lost. 

Tottenham Hotspur manager Ange Postecoglou admits his disappointment in the defeat to Liverpool. But is optimistic that the team is playing their own game better. Spurs have lost 4 matches in a row in the league after being beaten 4-2 by Liverpool on Sunday. Resulting

Xavi urges Deco to talk to PSG over Simons issue.

Chafi Simons, a Dutch midfielder from Paris Saint-Germain who moved to play with RB Leipzig on loan this season. Has a chance to return to his old team like Barcelona this summer. Barcelona boss Xavi Hernandez is planning to improve his squad this summer. And

Foods that people with braces should avoid.

While getting braces, various behaviors that we do in our daily routine All of which affect almost all of the braces that we already wear. Especially with eating Or various snacks, the most obvious Which makes us should avoid eating certain things. To prevent problems that may occur with our