Do you remember what colours are the McDonald logo consist of? Wait, what’s that? Red and yellow? Correct! What about KFC? Yup, red and white! How about the Golden Screen Cinema at your nearby Mall? Yellow, Black and perhaps some patches of White? Bingo! The fact that you are able to memorise the colours of these brands by your heart and soul means that these companies have succeeded in choosing the best colours to advertise their brand.

So, have you ever wondered what are the best ways in choosing the perfect colours for your custom made signage? First thing first, go for the background. Yep, not the main headline or wording you should be focusing on, but the background of your signage. The background colour is the one giving the biggest visual impact to your audience. It shall act as the primary colour of your custom sign. For instance, yellow is the perfect background colour for a signage placed among trees and other buildings. If you choose green, it will blend with the trees and the buildings and you definitely want this to happen.

Next is when the main wording comes in place. ‘Contrast’ should be the main thing you need to bear in mind throughout the process of choosing the best colour for your font. Dark blue wording shall fit perfectly with bright-yellowed signage, same goes with a white wording which comes with a black background. This shall help your sign to be readable from a distance. Do take some time to do some extra research on the best colour combinations for your signage.

Other thing you could do is by making full use of the negative space on your signage. What is negative space you asked? It is the remaining space where it is left blank without any alphabets or signs. To put it into a simpler words, it is the unused space of your background, the ones left aside from the visual image you have used up. You can alter and adjust if the negative space should dominate the signage or vice versa.

In conclusion, there are a few rules to be considered in order for you to choose the perfect combination of colours for your signage maker.

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