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Website designers are the new artist

Websites would commonly be falsely mistaken as simply a largely technical oriented form of media in which the formation of one would usually be associated with coding and coding itself counts as largely intellectual pursuit. However, with the major strides, especially in the Web Design Malaysia industry in terms  of technology and software which has allowed web designing to be created even without the a basic knowledge of coding and with various applications such as WordPress supporting plugins that allow users to have a visual experience in creating a website and not a wall of codes to look at and a seperate menu that only allows you to see the final product after the preferences have been set, Web Design is no longer for the intellectual mind. Rather, the artistic folk are able to flourish and design the website that best represents their creative thought as well allow them to have wholly unique career with an online presence.

A large amount of artists have set their mark on online space and this article will explore the websites of two particularly famous artists, underground and secretive artist Banksy and non-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye. Banksy’s website is almost barren and is simple featuring only a small designs with the menu and the links custom designed and pictures of his various works it’s awfully simple but shows his identity of his minimalist art and simple and clear messages. Meanwhile, Wim Delvoye who his famous for his use of pigs as a canvas for his art and his steel architecture created a wuirky website that also represents his personal quirk online. His wenvsite is styled very much as an homage to the popular world building video game franchise, Sim City with the art style of following SimCity 2000. Each building on the website links to either his work or his posts.

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