In this ever-changing world where technological advancement is taking place from time to time, the aviation world has now spread its wings to take over the sky and outer space some more. Remember the paper planes we used to make and the moment we would run uaaerospace malaysia to the balcony whenever an airplane made a noise over our roof? Have you ever wonder how do these aircrafts actually look like? And has it ever crossed your mind how many types of aircrafts exist out there? Well, if you do, prepare to be amazed as I’m about to crack to you a few types of aircrafts (which are kind of bizarre) made by aviation geniuses for aviation lovers like you!

The first one is called Amphibian. This type of plane falls under the category of floatplanes. It can travel in the air as well as underwater. Well, it’s called Amphibian for a reason. It also has a set of retractable wheels to assess its movement on land. The next one would be the helicopters or what also known to be choppers. This kind of aircraft is mainly use for military as well as tourism purpose. Not like aeroplane, helicopter does not need a special runway for it to land. It has a rotor that act as a rotating turbine to enable the engine to work. Guess what, aircraft also comes in a balloon form! This type of aircrafts require air to be filled inside them for them to stay afloat. All it takes to travel with this craft is wind energy. The next on the list is a glider-type airplane which is used to travel to farther distances and fly at a higher level off the ground. It uses a pretty different mechanism in order to fly as it uses the slingshot technique which requires the glider to be launched from an altitude before it descend higher and faster.

Another type of aircraft would be the gyroplane. This aircraft works with a small propeller glued at the front of the plane. The propeller will then rotate at a speed where it is able to push air through them. This is vital in making sure that it can make a forward thrush. Not like its other aircraft counterparts, this gyroplane is affordable and easier to operate. Moving on to a high-class aircraft mostly used by aristocrats, it can be said that the business jet is one of the most valued possession own by millionaires around the world. This sedan-class jet is usually used for the pleasure of corporate CEO. The last but not least is of course the craft that shall cover miles within a short bout. It is called Turboprop. With on point hydraulics and powerful engine, it has been listed as one of the fastest in the world. One of the examples of this luxurious passenger carrier is the UA Aerospace Malaysia Y12F. 

In conclusion , there are myriad of aircrafts out there which serve different looks and purposes, specially built to enable human races to get on air without flapping their hands. 

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